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Everyone from competitive athletes to casual gym-goers often wonder how to prevent blisters, odors and chafing that are associated with their activities. The constant friction between body and athletic gear can create blisters, chafing and smelly feet that call out for a remedy. Luckily you’ve discovered 2Toms, the creators of revolutionary products designed to prevent skin injuries and discomforts associated with athletics. Live blister, chafe, & odor free!

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Chafing Treatment

Article Released Monday December 3, 2012 in ,

CHAFING TREATMENT If you experience skin chafing, don’t ignore it. Not that it is easy to ignore; chafed skin can be very painful. Luckily, chafing treatment is simple. The experts at WebMD recommend washing the chafed area, or areas, gently with water. Make sure to dry the area completely. Then apply petroleum jelly or a […]

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Prevent Skin Chafing

Article Released Friday November 30, 2012 in ,

HOW TO PREVENT SKIN CHAFING There are a number of ways to prevent chafing. The experts at WebMD advise doing whatever you can to decrease the amount of friction to your skin. Click here for WebMD’s article on “Chafing.” -Clothing: Sometimes chafing occurs from improper clothing. “Do not exercise in cotton,” say the experts at […]

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